Aljon Mariano’s fiancé speaks out on Scottie Thompson’s unexpected wedding

Aljon Mariano’s fiancé, Kayesha Chua, took to Instagram on Tuesday morning to express her sentiments regarding the unexpected wedding of Scottie Thompson to Jinky Serrano.

Mariano and Chua, together with Thompson and his former fiancé Pau Fajardo and former Brgy. Ginebra wingman Kevin Ferrer and his fiancé MM Belarmino, are very close friends and their group trips and other activities are well-documented on Instagram.

The 27-year old Thompson got engaged to Fajardo at the turn of the year but the engagement apparently fell through and the couple reportedly parted ways last April.

In was all quiet from thereon until the popular Gin Kings guard gave almost everyone the shock of their lives when news came out that he had tied the knot with Serrano earlier this month during a private ceremony in Las Pinas City.

Chua broke her silence on the issue and posted a lengthy message on her Instagram account.

“We’ve been quiet since day 1 because it was their request to keep things private. Same reason why everyone knew about it just now. Do not equate our silence to our ‘lack of support’ for our friends because you know nothing about the things we did for them. NOTHING,” wrote the former Binibining PIlipinas and Miss World Philippines contestant.

“She reached out to us when they were starting to have this problem, he did not. Things escalated, there was more reaching out to him but even AJ and Kev’s invites to talk were shut down. We never left her side. We never judged him. We were good friends but I guess he forgot about us too,” she added.

Below is the rest of her message:

“We are extremely saddened by how things unfolded. Never in a million years did we ever imagine this. I just wish that he went to us when he needed help, she did, we were waiting, but he didn’t. I just wish he trusted us like how he said we were like family to him but he didn’t. He had to make a choice, and he chose her. We give him our best wishes and leave him to it. I wish you strength because you’ll need it. I hope she’s worth it.”

“She took the high road and chose silence. What people are saying is out of her control. Don’t blame her for how people are reacting now. What she needs now the most is privacy and prayers, please no more mentioning this specific issue to her because it’s over. She deserves to move on. Let her. She may have a fair share in this breakup but NO ONE deserves this. She doesn’t deserve this. I know everything doesn’t make any sense but soon, I promise you, you’ll start to see the light. You’ll get the answers to your whys and hows. Months, years from now pagtatawanan mo na lang to.”

“May we please request everyone to respect both parties and their decision to part ways. Let them move on in whatever and however what they want to. They BOTH made mistakes and they was well aware of the prices they have to pay for. Hayaan na natin na ang universe na ang magbalik sa kanila ng nararapat for them. There is a being who sees everything and knows ALL, and he is the rightful punisher of all that is evil in this world. Let’s replace all our specific wishes of misfortune with one simple wish, ‘We wish for you to get what you truly deserve’. Remember that you are always free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.”

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