‘Heartbroken’ Pau Fajardo eager to move on from breakup with Scottie Thompson

Pau Fajardo finally broke her silence and expressed her sentiments regarding her unexpected breakup with Scottie Thompson through a lengthy message on her Instagram account.

The 27-year old Thompson became the talk of the town after news of his unforeseen wedding earlier this month to a certain Jinky Serrano broke out.

The popular Brgy. Ginebra guard drew the ire of fans since he proposed to Fajardo during New Year’s Eve and the video of the engagement was uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Fajardo said that she is releasing the statement in order to put an end to all the gossip going around and reclaim her private life.

Below is her complete statement:

“It has been a difficult time for my personal life. With this statement, I hope we can finally put a stop to all the gossip, and for me to finally reclaim my private life.”

“Even when things regarding my relationship started to unravel publicly, I never felt I needed to release any statement. After all, I never regarded myself as some sort of a public figure, much less a celebrity.”

“I kept quiet not because I was insensitive or indifferent but because the issue is very much a private matter. And I intent to keep it that way. I will continue to resolve this privately with the help of trusted friends and family.”

“That said, I am deeply hurt. I ended a long-term relationship with the man I was ready to spend the rest of my life with. To say it has been heartbreaking is an understatement.”

“But I am now making the conscious decision to move forward with my life.”

“I understand that other people may have been dragged into this, but it was never my intention to hurt or harm anyone. I’m sorry if there have been things thrown in someone’s way. Please understand that I have no control over what people are sharing on social media on this issue.”

“I have remained quiet through all this. As a private person, I just did not see the need to escalate the matter publicly. Right now, there are matters more deserving of public attention, particularly the continuing pandemic.”

“To the people who felt that they needed to defend me, I appreciate you. I may never get to thank you personally but know that your support means a lot to me.”

“But right now, I would like to ask everyone — if you genuinely care for me — to please refrain from doing things that would further inflame the situation. I hope you will respect my simple request.”

“To the people closest to me, ‘thank you’ is not good enough. To my faithful friends, thank you for staying by my side. And to my family and especially my Ate, I miss all of you more now than ever. Do not worry, I will be better.”

“Be positive. Be kind. Be true.”

“This will be the last time I will be commenting on this issue. I kindly ask everyone to respect my decision. Thank you.”

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